Automation Testing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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It is important to automate your testing as an organization. However, there are bound to be certain challenges that come with automation testing. In this article, we will look at these challenges, and learn how to best solve them.

    Some automation testing challenges include:

  1. Overwhelming amounts of test results data.
  2. Dynamic test automation.
  3. Labor-intensive lab management.
  4. Lack of stabilization before test automation.
  5. The lack of necessary testing skills

How to best solve these challenges

To be successful with continuous testing, you have to make use of modern tools. Below are four essential components necessary for solving your automation testing challenges today:

  1. Analysis:

To succeed with continuous automation and testing, organizations need to spot accurate and clear test results fast. Plus, they also have to be able to spot their problems as fast as well. Bear in mind, that automation brings false negatives and instability, so teams need to be able to sort this out for better evidence.

QuickTEST’s reporting and analytics tools helps you avoid this instability. With it, you’ll know exactly how your test automation and continuous testing operations are faring.

  • Creation:

This simply means the tools used to create test automation. Test creation tools should be agnostic to the level of user — whether a tester is an automation ninja or a manual user with basic knowledge. Ultimately these tools will allow manual testers to begin executing automation. And these tools should enable advanced testers to focus on higher priority tests.

QuickTEST’s test creation tool helps you with every aspect of testing. Test scripts. Test authoring. Test validation. Test maintenance. And so much more.

  • Execution:

Execution is the ability to successfully enhance test automation operations. The solution should offer opportunities for organizations and businesses to take a local, minor test and enhance it across multiple browsers, devices, and platforms. This makes sure that the right coverage and scale is covered.

For the best execution tool, choose QuickTEST. It helps you enhance automated testing, whole allowing you run automated tests across several platforms with just a script.

  • Lab:

In today’s competitive world, teams need to have the ability to conduct a test at any time. Your solution needs to provide open access to the lab and equips teams with the right tools to run and perform tests. This ultimately helps you be adaptable and keep pace with the new releases.

Perfecto’s test lab gives your team the ability to test apps against thousands of devices and browsers — from one spot.

You can pair all four components

The only way to successfully address the top testing challenges is to use a solution that combines the 4 components listed above.

If a solution is missing one of the components, a critical part of the continuous testing process is lost. What’s more, there is a good chance teams will spend a significant amount of money accounting for gaps or compromising quality.

Solve Test Automation Challenges with QuickTest

As teams make their way towards effective continuous testing, achieving good test automation and analysis is key to that success.

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