Why QuickTest is the ultimate solution for Contact Centre Testing and Optimization?

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Before this article walks you through the benefits and advantages of choosing QuickTest, it makes more sense to know more about it, what it does and its offerings. Doesn’t it? QuickTest is an enhanced automated testing platform focused on improving the optimal performance and success of your contact centre. Designed by industry experts, it is made up of cloud-based solutions that allows users to move past the slow, error-prone, and expensive use of manual testing to the more affordable and automated testing process. Because of this automated platform, you and your team will be able to identify, optimize and resolve potential problems in your contact centre before they even happen. Now that we have a fair idea of what QuickTest is, let us now delve into seeing why QuickTest is the ultimate solution for your contact centre testing and optimization:

1. Gives you total control of your testing with an easy DIY (Do It Yourself) set-up process

Businesses generally only look at testing as a service (TaaS) when they have a large migration or when they have to upgrade a project. With QuickTest, we strive to prove the integrity, performance, and optimization of user’s new platforms and support them when they need it. Simply put, we help them run their tests how they want and when they want – whenever, wherever. What sets QuickTest apart is that the customer is in complete control of the testing. In fact, they can also carry out the set-up process on their own due to its ease and simplicity. (However, we do extend our assistance with the setup if required.)  

2. Monitors the call flows and provides quick alerts

You have the complete liberty to run regular tests for service assurance, on a monthly, daily, hourly basis or at any schedule you decide – it’s your choice. You can always be assured that all your channels and flows are operating as desired. Not just that, by running regular tests you are effectively monitoring the infrastructure for any outages as well as the actual call flows. In case an issue, bug or a failure arises, you are sent immediate alerts via Email, SMS, WhatsApp or Webhook notifications. This enables the operations teams to take swift action, thereby reducing the impact on your operational costs and the end-users.  

3. Performs seamless Load Testing

Load testing is all about creating production simulations within a system or an app that is as similar as possible to being a finished product ready to function and go live to the users. QuickTest is able to load the system for various channels, optimizing the performance and ensuring that it functions the way it should under the simulated conditions. You can load the platform not only when you have deployed the changes but even after each major upgrade, thereby enabling continuous optimization of your system .  

4.Saves you time, errors, budget and enables optimization as well

QuickTest allows for an effortless integration with the development life cycle as any test can be initiated seamlessly with a click of a button. When a new routing strategy is implemented or an existing strategy is updated, these tests can be performed against the interaction flow to ensure that nothing has gone wrong or been broken in the process. Once test scripts have been defined, they can simply be initiated together to render a full regression test. Thus, eliminating the need for testers to manually work their way through the interaction flows to validate them. Manual testing is time-consuming, expensive, and not always reliable – QuickTest eliminates these manual errors and omissions, saving you time and money and reducing your time to market for changes. So, why wait? Join us for flawless automated testing without delay. We’ll be by your side, saving you time, energy, resources and above all your budget.

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