How QuickTest is changing the face of Contact Centre Testing and Quality Assurance

Contact Centre Testing
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With the changing age of customer expectations, the urge to deliver nothing short of perfection is high. To pace up, companies need to meet or exceed customer expectations with their best possible customer service. Thus, to fuel these endless expectations and stay competent in the market, they must heed to Contact Centre Testing.

Contact Centre is one such system that allows building a developing communication between a customer and a company. In order to render a consistent customer experience, you must have a contact centre testing that revs up your quality assurance quotient. On that note, look no further as QuickTest is a one-stop destination for each of such needs.

QuickTest is an enhanced automated testing platform that focuses on augmenting the optimal performance and success of your contact centre. Designed by industry experts, it is made up of cloud-based solutions that allow users to move past the slow, error-prone, and expensive use of manual testing, to the more affordable and automated testing process. Let us now delve into some of its quintessential features that help deliver the heights of customer experience.

Automated testing

With automated testing, you can click and run any test any time you wish to. QuickTest helps you schedule any type of test case, ensuring that it runs automatically. Simply put, it confirms that you enjoy additional peace of mind, and improved customer satisfaction. With reduced churn rates and downtime, it essentially leads to lesser maintenance actions for the customer. As a part of the development lifecycle, it creates alerts and directly feeds into your monitoring platform so that corrective actions can be taken immediately.

Not just that, QuickTest can monitor production and identify issues fast, automate regression and functional testing, performs load testing, and update test cases when IVR design changes are made. This is easy to use, quick to configure and integrates well with artificial intelligence. Additionally, it always provides accurate results, has all the key languages supported, and gels well with NLU and other voice BOT platforms.

Scheduled testing

Now, you have the power to run tests at regular times or at scheduled intervals to continually monitor your customers’ journeys to ensure they are receiving the best CX possible. You can pause and resume the scheduled test in case of a change window or public holiday. Further, you can receive the outcome alerts with SMS, WhatsApp and Email or integrate with monitoring platforms.

Load testing

Load testing is a subset of the software performance testing process that simulates real-world scenarios on your sites, applications, and systems. Through the information gathered during and after load testing, developers can measure the limits and gain insight into some of the metrics as follows:

  • How many simultaneous users can my application, website or system handle?
  • How many transactions can undergo at the same point in time?
  • What is the breaking point and when will I run out of resources?


Thankfully, QuickTest offers just that for your contact centre, letting you load various channels using any number of interactions to spot potential issues after every major upgrade or whenever you want. You get to monitor production systems and identify issues proactively, as well as perform load testing to ensure that the IVR and other applications function as designed during peak times. Moreover, it shows what will happen before the actual change is applied, allowing you to gain full control over the performance of your contact centre. Also, it is capable of scaling up and down to tailor to your customer needs, ensuring you to see the exact breaking point of your contact centre, that way never disappointing the end-users.

Enhanced Reporting and Alerts

Enjoy enhanced reporting of different types of testing done by this software. QuickTest ensures that your test results are automatically saved and that you can go back anytime to see the previous results. Further, you can configure the alerts when the tests fail.

QuickTest records your voice calls so you can listen to the test and hear the customer experience. It also allows you to download these recordings to playback whenever you want.

You can translate any test transcript into any language if testing is in a different language enabling you to fully understand your tests without any language barrier.

Complete control in the Customer’s hands

With our platform, you can be assured that the QuickTest customer has complete control of the tests. Additionally, you can find that we support the majority of languages thereby making the customer experience even more seamless. Over and above, it supports in-country dialling as well for international customers.

That’s a wrap

It is your customer experience that makes or breaks your business. With the new test automation trends such as auto-coding, cloud-based ramp up/down scalability and AI/ML, your customers see improved accuracy and reduced test cycle time – just how they’d like!

A well-planned and executed testing strategy solves the burden of complex customer queries in a stipulated time, thereby leading to more satisfaction, customer delight and eventually better customer experience. Testing impeccably merges communication networks and reduces many traditional obstacles for the customers by providing consistent access to customers anywhere, anytime – and that is what QuickTest preaches.

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