How QuickTest is empowering Businesses by giving easy to use tool

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94%. Yes, you read that right! 94% of the customers today use test execution tools and automation to support testing efforts. In fact, test automation is being considered one of the most effective ways to enhance the coverage, efficiency and effectiveness of any software application. As it is on the verge of redefining the way engineers perform testing operations, manual testing is tending to take a backseat. Having said that, it might come across as a daunting task for any project to decide whether automated testing is required or not. And if yes, then what tools and procedures should be deployed.


Needless to say, the IT market is brimming with automation tools, but not every tool is tailored to your customer’s needs. What if you wanted to test your Contact Centre? It is pertinent to closely examine the project specifics and pick the right tool. But to zero in on one tool that best fits a specific need is not an easy task. QuickTest is the solution to to automatically test you contact centre. Let’s walk you through how it is empowering businesses by giving an easy to use all-in-one tool.


Easy to use, set up and configure a test in minutes

With QuickTest, you can schedule any kind of contact centre interaction test case which runs 10X faster compared to traditional testing. Now, you can create and run a multitude of test sprints and get their results in minutes. Immediate notifications can be sent to you via Email, WhatsApp, or SMS, ensuring that an issue or problem in your contact centre is promptly identified and addressed.

Test any channel in your contact centre, be it a traditional voice call, or digital channels such as Facebook, SMS, Voice Inbound/Outbound, WhatsApp, Email, Chat, or other customized channels.

Aside from this, QuickTest provides assurance to you and better service to your customers. You can use QuickTest to prove your platform’s integrity for new implementations, after any changes or on a schedule you decide. In addition to QuickTest’s effectiveness in reducing churn rate, downtime, and mean time to repair (MTTR), this tool also minimizes the need for maintenance actions. It creates alerts and seamlessly integrates them into your monitoring platform, enabling immediate corrective action in the event of test failures.


Allows Customers to take full control of the changes – wherever, whenever

We love independence and we want our customers to take control. Our software displays what will happen even before the actual change is applied, thereby allowing you to gain full control over the performance of your contact centre.

Over and above, with its newest addition of Virtual Agents into the system, it can log in as an agent and answer interactions so that you get validation of end-to-end experience.


Run Load Tests with super-easy steps

Load any test or channel, monitor production systems and spot issues proactively after every major upgrade. QuickTest allows you to perform load testing ensuring that the IVR and other applications function as designed even during peak times.

Additionally, this automates regression, and functional testing and updates test cases when IVR design changes are ready. Get your hands on this one-stop tool as it is easy to integrate, quick to configure and provides accurate results at all times. It is equipped to gel well with NLU, voice BOT platforms and any other IVR platform as well as digital channels. Simply put, you can now run load tests on your own without having to involve a third party to set up these tests for you.


Copy existing test scripts and edit them to reflect different interaction paths

Quick Test is inbuilt with cloud-based solutions that allow users to move past the slow, error-prone, and expensive use of manual testing to the more affordable and automated testing process. With this automated platform, you and your team can copy existing test scripts and edit them to reflect different interaction paths.

And with automated, functional and regression testing, you can execute scripted test cases on a contact centre and identify and resolve potential problems before they even happen. In short, you and your team can dramatically expand test coverage while maintaining the same labour cost.

That’s a wrap

A well-planned and executed test strategy solves the burden of complex customer queries in a stipulated time, thereby leading to more satisfaction, customer delight and eventually better customer experience. Testing impeccably merges communication networks and reduces many traditional obstacles for the customers by providing consistent access to customers anywhere, anytime – and that is what QuickTest preaches.

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